Love of Lost Wax Casting
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Ever wondered how some people have created amazing intricate detailed jewellery?

Well the answer is most probably ‘Lost Wax Casting’

Starting off with the wax. Depending on the project depends on the weight and flexibility of the wax you choose to work with.

Green and blue wax is often a favourite for carving as it is strong enough to handle a lot of filing.

Now it’s time to make a ring tree as you can cast multiple pieces on one tree.

Here is the ring tree! Look at them all!!

Now it’s time to prepare the ‘Plaster Goop’ as this will be the mould for your silver to take shape.

It’s key to remember at this point to mix and vibrate the plaster to remove air bubbles as these will appear on your metal. It’s not the end of world as these can be filed away, but you ideally don’t want them to destroy the finer details you’ve created.

Check out my next blog post for ‘Firing the Mould’…

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