Birthstone Bangles

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These birthstone bangles are a mark of lasting memories with a sentimental value, the extra special touch is the hidden message on the inside only known to the wearer

Inspired by vintage posey rings.

Throughout history, certain jewels were made with a particular sentiment intrinsically part of their identity. Some of the most common examples are mourning jewels or posy rings. These sentimental jewels reached their zenith in the Victorian period through their canny promotion by contemporary jewellers, and we still wear the echo of these jewels even today.

In the late Medieval period, a trend began for simple band rings inscribed with little rhymes or poems. Posies or “little poem” in French, were inscriptions, normally either religious or romantic, on the inside or outside of the bands. Jewellers would keep these rings in stock with typical inscriptions ready to be engraved depending on the sentiment intended.
Classic examples were: ‘As gold is pure, so love it pure’
‘God above increase our love’,
‘I long to have but blush to crave’.
Although the more lyrical commissioner could have their own message engraved.


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Unique jewellery, handmade on the Isle of Wight.

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