Eclipse Pendant

Eclipse Pendant

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Beautiful solid Sterling Silver Moon and Sun.

A great balance between the colour and texture, polishing silver that represent the moon crescent and the fine sculpted sun is in satin finish silver or black antique silver.

I was inspired by this symbol because it’s represent a natural forces balance and union of opposites, the sun is a masculine figure and signifies strength and power. On the other hand, the moon is considered as a feminine figure and represents calmness and unflappability.
The sun is the active principle whereas the moon is the passive principle. Therefore, the coming together of the sun and the moon is similar to that of the yin and yang or the good and the bad. Here is a piece of art full of meaning, great to wear and a loved gift to receive.

This eclipse necklace has the sun in back of a crescent moon.

Each measures:

1.5cm x 1.5cm

These are also available as a charm on a sterling silver bangle.

Various Chain Lengths available.
Simply select your desired length in the drop down box.

Unique jewellery, handmade on the Isle of Wight.

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